Confidence Issues

I work with many confidence issues, whether it's a fear of speaking in public, driving test nerves, or lack of self confidence in everyday life or relationships, or even exam nerves. Hypnotherapy could help you release and overcome these fears.
Everybody suffers from a lack of confidence or self esteem at some point in our lives. The degree to which we control our self image, confidence and self esteem or to which it controls is entirely in the mind.
With hypnotherapy, be ready for a change that could make you a more positive person, with an enviable self image.
People will want to be like you and respond well to you increasing your confidence and self esteem in your working life your social and your love life

Stress and Anxiety

Everyone experiences stress. It is perfectly normal to experience stress or anxiety. However, too much is unhealthy. Stress within our everyday lives can cause us much concern upset and worry often leading to discomfort.

Hypnotherapy is of enormous help in reducing stress and anxiety levels, though there are two distinctly different methods of treatment. Whether you need help for a "one off " situation like a driving test for example, or a more persistent and possibly deeper rooted problem. Hypnotherapy can help you. The best method for any individual can really only be determined by consultation.

Sometimes stress at work is a primary driver. Learning to manage and direct this kind of stress, being able to detach it from our personal lives is an asset to achivement.

Relationship Problems

I believe the most important aspect of any relationship is comunication and honesty. With this, any relationship will thrive. We can work together, through any issues affecting your relationship, to try and get a better understanding of yourself and your partner. To discover, both yours and your partners wants and needs, with the aim to find a solution to whatever it is that is causing concerns. Making you both stronger, more confident and more secure within your relationship and able to function happily as a couple

Psycho-Sexual Disorders

Probably the one subject that causes us the most embarrassment to talk about, let alone seek help for, are sexual issues!
I work with a wide range of psycho-sexual problems, from vaginismus to premature ejaculation with 100% confidentiality and understanding. All couples experience sexual difficulties at times. For some, the problem becomes worse the harder you try, while others cannot make a start because of technical worries or fears.
But, sometimes the opportunity to talk to someone else who understands can be all important. I can provide this help. Above all I listen and seek to understand your cares and concerns, your questions and your doubts. Working together for the solution.

Phobias and Habits

Eliminate the unwanted!
I work with many people with all sorts of different phobias, fears, or with just habits they wish to eliminate. They can sometimes be learned, irrational, or even fears from a childhood experience. My aim is to find an underlying problem and release the negative emotion attached to it, causing the phobia or the habit to cease
When you have a fear or phobia that you really cannot get to grips with however hard you try, no amount of well intentioned help from friends or family is likely to solve the problem, it can even make things worse.
Although it may seem impossible to you now, hypnotherapy can help to remove the problem so that you could simply forget it ever existed in the first place

Relaxation Techniques

I can help you to relax, teach you self hypnosis and help you cope with even the most stressful days.

Part of the solution in dealing with stress is finding effective forms of relaxation. A significant number of people who come to me often complain that they find it difficult to relax. This is sometimes because they have learnt to be in a constant state of agitation which then becomes a habit that is hard to break out of. Hypnotherapy can help us to unlearn these habits and to relearn positive approaches to relaxation again. Even if you do not feel that stress is a major issue in your life, if you find it difficult to relax you may want to consider a short program of hypnotherapy.



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